Who am I?

If I just knew....! I think I am not going to figure this question out, ever. But I can declare a bunch of facts that might help to understand.

I was born 1974 in Munich (Bavaria, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, Universe) into a family of taxi drivers. Although I also had my brief stance in this industry, I soon figured I should take another road for my carreer. 

I've become an IT guy and still am. But is this all I am? And besides, do we really need criteria to stuff people into drawers? 

What happened to individuality? 

I am against judging people anyway, so let's mix up your picture of GulleMan by some more random criteria about me.... ;-)

So, I am....

  • a husband (and an ex-husband)
  • a father
  • a brother
  • a son, grandson and nephew
  • a poker player
  • a musician
  • a friend, and a bff
  • a brother in law
  • an anti-theist
  • a lover, and not a fighter
  • a colleague
  • a dreamer 
  • a bullshit hater
  • tbc.

Some people out there might use less favourable adjectives when describing me, but aye - everybody is entitled to their opinion :-)

Here is my Youtube Channel: GulleManMusic

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