Who am I?

If I just knew....! I think I am not going to figure this question out, ever. But I can declare a bunch of facts that might help to understand.

I was born 1974 in Munich (Bavaria, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way, Universe) into a family of taxi drivers. Although I also had my brief stance in this industry, I soon figured I should take another road for my carreer. 

I've become an IT guy and still am. But is this all I am? And besides, do we really need criteria to stuff people into drawers? 

What happened to individuality? 

I am against judging people anyway, so let's mix up your picture of GulleMan by some more random criteria about me.... ;-)

So, I am....

  • a husband (and an ex-husband)
  • a father
  • a brother
  • a son, grandson and nephew
  • a poker player
  • a musician
  • a friend, and a bff
  • a brother in law
  • an anti-theist
  • a lover, and not a fighter
  • a colleague
  • a dreamer 
  • a bullshit hater
  • tbc.

Some people out there might use less favourable adjectives when describing me, but aye - everybody is entitled to their opinion :-)

Here is my Youtube Channel: GulleManMusic

GulleMan Logo

Coming next is a working document on things or people I love. It will be updated regularly and never reach 1.0 state. The order of things does NOT indicate importance. (Except #1)

So, that's everything I love.... (unfinished list)

1) My wife. Dating her since 2011. Overall, my favourite person.

- Bill Murray - the coolest man on earth.

- Barack Obama - in terms of cool, second to Bill.

- My fam. All of them. In particular, my Mum.

- My piano. No further explanation needed.

- My wealth of close friends. There's many. Blessed am I.

- Freedom. Having spent 10 years in exile, that's a lot.

- My life-time visa to New Zealand. I can return there any day.

- My in-laws. All of them.

- My God children. All four of them. They are the "herd" of my ex-brother-in-law, and yet, they love me, and my wife, way more than their own, native aunties.

- Financial backing. Literally priceless.

- Lang Lang. The guy who plays it right. These days.

- Jazz Piano - the ultimate standard. Nothing less will ever be acceptable to me, for me.

- Elon Musk. (yes, still)

- Konrad Adenauer.

- Ricky Gervais. Undoubtably the most genius screen creator of all time. (Do watch "After life" !!!)

- Munich, Germany. And Wellington, New Zealand. (as a place to live)

- A great view from where you live. (My brother in-law beats them all!)

- Working as a taxi driver in the city of Munich. As a side-gig.

- IOS, the most beautiful OS there's ever been. And the iCloud.

- The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

- The Snakepit. As a poker venue, in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

- Isar-Poker, as a poker venue in Eching, Germany. (close to Munich)

- Sir Pat Stewart and everything with the words "Star Trek" in it.

- The Big Bang Theory. Especially Leonard's character, who I can identify most with myself.

- Working for the good cause. Serving a kindergarten is way more rewarding than serving a bank.

- 2 broke girls (TV series) - light entertainment, but really entertaining!

- Mentors. All of them.

- tbc.