Youtube find of the week - V

Only in German, but endlessly hilarious anyway!! MANY thanks to my friend Marco , who pointed my way to this... and managed to enrich my life... again! 


  Karl Valentin - one of my everlasting heroes....

Youtube find of the week - IV

 This is beyond awesome! I have been following Ilya for years.... but he just keeps getting better.  Thank you Ilya, for your music!

Best TV series ever is not Star Trek!

 Says the diehard Trekkie.... In fact it’s Ricky Gervais’ After life. A true must-see! Why you should watch After life.

Back on track.... kind of.

Update 16/11/2020 Again a visit at the hospital was required... another one without any real progress. Watch the space . --- Update 12/11/2020 I shot too early and had to go back to the hospital for another 5 days. Let's see if it works better this time around.... --- After five weeks I am back at work today, checking out how it works. Pun intended.  Still running around with a manageable 24/7 headache, but can't stand doing nothing anymore.  We'll see.