Out of Order

Last month I had a surgery in my face (sadly a necessary move) which led, after a series of drama, to a damaged trigeminus nerve. That now kicked me out of my everyday life and now I have to rest at home whilst taking very fancy pills, I'd rather not take.... so I am in quasi-lockdown for the last 3 weeks anyway.On the bright side, I am looked after well more than I deserve and cannot complain at all about anything but my sore head. Also I am endlessly grateful to my partner for spoiling me everyday through this unrequested period of meh.On a quick note - my application to GEMA has finally been approved and from 1/1/2021 on my musical compositions and song lyrics can be registered with them. Which makes me officially a musician, and GulleMan is born. As always, Life is only as bad as you want it to see.

Life as a draft

You were still a child when your parents decided to not stopping being a bunch of dickheads. They blamed you for acting weird, sent you to doctors and psychiatrists only to not listening to them when they stated you were just reacting normally... to the continued fighting of your parents. To this point your life was still a draft, whilst your parents followed their dreams.A significant change of life and scenery should have made things new, and better, and solve all the problems. But what was really needed was a change of thinking, priorities and focus on the one we love most. We failed. To this point your life was still a draft, whilst your parents kept following their dreams. The highlight in their failure occurred when you were just eleven year old. Your parents found the exit from everbody’s nightmare and went through it, with all due disrespect for your wellbeing. They parted, and to this point your life was still a draft, whilst your parents followed their dreams. Since then I s…


If one thing isn't forcible, it's voluntariness.

Youtube find of the week - III

Amazingly well "covered" - in any respect of the word. Bravo !!

Mark’s Wisdom

„Wisdom is applied knowledge.“ - my friend Mark says.So education is the key. But so is experience, because all knowledge doesn’t cut it without the experience needed, to know how to use it.I owe Mark forever, for many things. But there’s only a handful of sentences in my history that have been puzzling me for that many years. Thank you, and I am certain that you’re right here 😊