Youtube find of the week - XVII

I never used to be a fan of Hubert von Goisern . Yesterday I have overcome this ignorance and paid a visit at his concert.... with now regretting not to have learned about him earlier... Here's just a little slice of what this man is capable of - there's lots more where this comes from, more flavours, genres and unusual instruments. Just beautiful! Hubert von Goisern - Dunkelrot

Youtube find of the week - SPECIAL EDITION - Himesh Patel

Just so you know, I LOVE the Yesterday movie.  This move is IMHO one of the most underrated movies and also, Himesh Patel is a hell of a singer.  This movie even has two songs sung by him that fall in the category make me cry because it is so beautiful , Yesterday and the Long and winding road . Both equally represent Himesh's masterpieces. But the film is full of them, so do yourself a favour and watch it :-) My favourites here. Yesterday The long and winding road

Youtube find of the week - XVI

This kind of genre is usually not my preference... with THIS exception! The Dead South is simply awesome and fun to listen to. Also, to use a cello as hung-around bass is exceptional and sounds just as great. Big thumbs-up from me. A nice example - In Hell I'll be in good company   (YouTube-Link)

Youtube find of the week - XV

Without a doubt one of the most beautiful tunes ever. It even has a Upright-Bass lead in it.... Theo Degler's (piano) "Adios"

Youtube find of the week - XIV

Rick Beato is, and has been for years, my first go-to person in all things music theory. He has the gift of explaining music to people as if they were children, which is, the best way to excite people about the things you're excited about.  Rick is excited about music and I love his way of teaching. On a side note, he's got a son with perfect pitch hearing which he demonstrates in a few videos. Check it out! So this isn't really a find of this week, but a find that is definitely worth sharing with you :-) And yes, there are hundreds of videos from Rick.... so have fun exploring!  You can thank me later ;-) A very nice example of Rick's work. 

Dancing in the kitchen (Original Gulleman Poem)

Dancing in the kitchen How happy can one become? How fulfilled a life can be, Is the thing you learn with love, the one special spark, it'd be, Cannot, and never will, be taught? True love is not for the heart fainted, Prepare to receive more than you give, It’s hard to perceive, that you live, A life fulfilled with love, That you didn’t give. What has been seen, Cannot be unseen.  Emotional support, the sad man's crutch, Has never heard of, Is just the pit, and almost lean.  I don’t get those in ban,  that couldn’t catch the dove, Especially if they ran, when dancing in the kitchen - at 2am - with the one you love. - GulleMan

Youtube find of the week - XIII

My dear uncle showed me this today.... which instantly became the most beautiful version I've ever heard. Also, this woman's voice is surprisingly deep yet awesomely beautiful. Diana Krall - Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Youtube find of the week - XII

This is an improv song this amazing talent presenting.... I am hugely impressed!         Expect further clearance - © Sangah Noona

I can't grow up just yet.

G rowing up means learning. There's not much choice as to what to learn. Willingness to learn is a matter of attitude. Attitude is a consequence of your experiences. Ability to learn is a matter of support of your environment. Given the above, it is a quite a matter of luck, what kind of person you've become. Gratitude is a matter of your horizon, wisdom is the application of knowledge, knowledge is something you accumulate, only if you're aware of all of the above. I haven't finished learning, therefore I refuse to grow up. Just yet. Sebastian.  (15. September 2021) I am growing up too fast... ...yeah, big time!

Tinfoil Hat collection (please get vaccinated)

 Just found a funny collection of tinfoil hats.... And yes, please do get vaccinated!