Youtube find of the week - XII

This is an improv song this amazing talent presenting.... I am hugely impressed!         Expect further clearance - © Sangah Noona

I can't grow up just yet.

G rowing up means learning. There's not much choice as to what to learn. Willingness to learn is a matter of attitude. Attitude is a consequence of your experiences. Ability to learn is a matter of support of your environment. Given the above, it is a quite a matter of luck, what kind of person you've become. Gratitude is a matter of your horizon, wisdom is the application of knowledge, knowledge is something you accumulate, only if you're aware of all of the above. I haven't finished learning, therefore I refuse to grow up. Just yet. Sebastian.  (15. September 2021) I am growing up too fast... ...yeah, big time!

Tinfoil Hat collection (please get vaccinated)

 Just found a funny collection of tinfoil hats.... And yes, please do get vaccinated!

Youtube find of the week - XI

 Classic Blues stuff, and in level "yeah" ... Stevie Ray Vaughan

Youtube find of the week - X

Honestly,  who doesn't love Jacob Collier?  This one demonstrates his huge emotional intelligence....   In case you didn't know him, you can thank me later ;-) Go get on a strawl through the internet and find out yourself!