Dancing in the kitchen (Original Gulleman Poem)

Dancing in the kitchen

How happy can one become?
How fulfilled a life can be,
Is the thing you learn with love,
the one special spark, it'd be,
Cannot, and never will, be taught?

True love is not for the heart fainted,
Prepare to receive more than you give,
It’s hard to perceive, that you live,
A life fulfilled with love,
That you didn’t give.

What has been seen,
Cannot be unseen. 
Emotional support, the sad man's crutch,
Has never heard of,
Is just the pit, and almost lean. 

I don’t get those in ban, 
that couldn’t catch the dove,
Especially if they ran,
when dancing in the kitchen - at 2am -
with the one you love.

- GulleMan (2017)