I kissed a boy - and I liked it!

 This is an ode to a friend.

Dear Stephan,

first things first - I love you. Not keen on having sex though ;-) I love you for being you. You taught me a lot of things. Among all of the things I have learned from you, is how to truly and utterly forgive. 

A few people know that I have disappointed you deeply (and that's the friendly version) - back in the days. I abandoned you on top of that. And then, after almost 20 years, I realised that I was the asshole here and asked him to forgive me.

His answer was as simple as, and literally, a kiss. 

I still remember how surprised I was, but at the same time relieved from all my guilt. I started crying the same second. You saved us endless hours of talking and started building our new friendship. Can't thank you enough for that. 

And now, almost 3 years after, you were, and still are, the most authentic and therefore utmost trustworthy person I've known. Thank you for your friendship. I can see, and feel, you really mean it!

As yet you haven't missed a chance to show evidence how genuine and reliable you are. You've got my back bro, but aye, your's is also covered. And guess who? 

I hope you see the love I am giving you and that you can trust and rely on me, too. Anytime.

I'll be there.