Stiftung Pfennigparade

Living next to the Pfennigparade is humbling me on a regular basis... today I saw a guy with no arms and legs. Seeing this makes all your problems appear as null, and lets you rethink your priorities. 

And yes, I am happy. And privileged.

60 years of success

Get a school degree. Be able to work. Live on your own. Three completely normal wishes, which, though, appear unattainable for many a person with a physical disability. We, the Pfennigparade Foundation and our 16 subsidiaries, help to make these wishes come true.

The Pfennigparade registered association came into being in the early 1950s when committed Munich citizens supported the cause of those affected by the polio epidemic. What began with calls for donations more than half a century ago has developed into one of the largest German rehabilitation centres for physically disabled persons. The foundation block for Pfennigparade's goals was laid back then: Opening up opportunities – shaping the future to help persons with a physical disability enjoy a fulfilling and active life.

This explains the diversity of the services we offer. We operate kindergartens, schools, outpatient and residential facilities, nursing services, workshops, an integration company and special support programs, such as the one for persons with traumatic brain injury. More than 1,500 physically disabled persons and over 1,000 non disabled live, work and learn together at Pfennigparade in Munich. (German original)