New Couch in the office!

Not without a little pride I am very pleased to be able to pronounce that my colleague and friend Marco and I managed to get a new sofa into our shared office. We plan to use it as thinking-couch, or meeting couch for visitors. Mostly ;-) 

This said, using the term "new" is actually not true. This is the very first sofa that made it into an office of our firm, that isn't the boss' office. And we didn't even ask and got this thing in - whilst crossing fingers!

Coincidentally, our boss came to our office (which he does usually once in a month) the same day and congratulated us for this awesome catch. And he took a seat in this very sofa, being the first one to do this anyway! HAHA. We loved it.

This just shows that you are still responsible for your own happiness and if you don't do so, no one will. 

Life is just very good to us.

We got this sofa for free.