Out of Order

Last month I had a surgery in my face (sadly a necessary move) which led, after a series of drama, to a damaged trigeminus nerve. That now kicked me out of my everyday life and now I have to rest at home whilst taking very fancy pills, I'd rather not take.... so I am in quasi-lockdown for the last 3 weeks anyway.

On the bright side, I am looked after well more than I deserve and cannot complain at all about anything but my sore head. Also I am endlessly grateful to my partner for spoiling me everyday through this unrequested period of meh.

On a quick note - my application to GEMA has finally been approved and from 1/1/2021 on my musical compositions and song lyrics can be registered with them. Which makes me officially a musician, and GulleMan is born. 

As always, Life is only as bad as you want it to see.